Epidermal Burns

These burns only involve the epidermis. Common causes of this type of burn include sun and minor flash injuries from small explosions. The stratified layers of the epidermis are burnt away and healing occurs by regeneration of the epidermis from the basal layer.

Epidermal burn- should heal with 7 days (copy)

Epidermal burn- should heal with 7 days
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Epidermal burn- should heal with 7 days

These burns are hyperaemic and therefore are red in colour and maybe quite painful. Small blister development and skin desquamation are delayed, sometimes for some days.

Following first aid, epidermal burns require regular application of hydrogels or moisturisers to soothe. They heal quickly within 7 days without scarring.

Epidermal burns are NOT included in the assessment of % total body surface area burnt.

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