Burn First Aid: 20 minutes of cool running water

Burn First Aid: 20 minutes of cool running water
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Stop the burning process 2008_ANZBA_FirstAid_Logo_final2

If on fire: Stop-drop-roll

Remove clothing not stuck to the burn.

Remove all jewellery and watches.

Cool the burn

With running cold tap water for 20 minutes.

Useful for up to 3 hours after injury.

Do not cause hypothermia.

Do not use ice.

Cover the burn

Using a clean dressing or clingwrap (do not wrap circumferentially).

Seek medical assistance.

The Alfred Hospital gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support and contribution of Skilled Medical in funding this project.  For more information on Skilled Medical, please visit www.skilledmedical.com
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Ambulance Victoria The Alfred Victorian Adult Burn Services at The Alfred The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne