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In children

Children’s activity should be supervised if there is concern the wound could become contaminated. Play activities should be reduced until healing occurs. Children should not play in sandpits or water based activities until healing occurs.

Parents should check with the school or crèche that it is suitable for a child to attend with a dressing.

Once healing has occurred, children can go swimming again. Care must be taken with chlorinated pools which dry out the skin. Children should shower immediately after swimming in chlorinated pools and then apply moisturiser.

Returning to work for adults

Returning to work should be discussed with the treating burn clinician. People whose work environments are unclean should not return to work until the wound is healed to avoid contamination. Hot environments, and exposure to heat, minor trauma or sun exposure in the workplace may delay return to work or necessitate return to alternative duties. Early return to work can be considered when analgesic requirements are appropriate for safe functioning. Referral to an occupational therapist will assist if concerns arise regarding appropriateness of return to work.

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