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The road to recovery; management of post acute burn injury


This resource is designed to support non burn specialist clinicians (Nursing, Allied Health, GPs, etc) who are managing those recovering from burn injuries in their local communities.

More than a third of people treated at the Victorian Adult Burns Service (VABS) live outside metropolitan Melbourne. Due to long distances, and to support their recovery from injury, the treating team at VABS frequently refer to Clinicians in the community for ongoing monitoring and care following discharge.

Burn injuries are uncommon, and clinicians in community contexts, including regional and remote settings, are not expected to be familiar with burn care management. This online resource has been collaboratively developed by VABS in conjunction with key stakeholder groups to provide practical advice, guidance and visual demonstration of common, evidence-based practice burn-injury care, including videos and fact sheets.

This resource is intended to:

Road to Recovery: (credit: Peter Salway)

  • Compliment and provide guidance on the progression of treatment pathways for clients managed between VABS and Community services
  • Assist community-based clinicians to recognise, identify and select evidence based post burn care
  • Promote a co-ordinated and collaborative treatment pathway for people recovering from injury, to improve their functional outcomes and community re-engagement
  • Strengthen communication and professional relationships between Community clinicians, GPs and VABS through sharing of evidence based practice
The resource is NOT intended to:
  • Replace referrals by community based clinicians to VABS
  • Replace individual clinician assessment or clinical reasoning used in the management of acute burn injuries
  • Alter individual clinician scope of practice, or regulatory body (eg. AHPRA) credentialing requirements
  • Replace clinical reviews at the VABS


If your client has not been assessed or received initial treatment by a burns clinician, we recommend you contact your local State-wide burns service to clarify management

Topics that are currently available in this on-line resource include:

  • Contracture prevention:  Stretching, positioning, exercises, splinting and orthoses
  • Face burn management:  Cleaning, debriding and exercises
  • Folliculitis:  Debridement, treatment and assessment
  • Hand burn management:  Hand exercises, splinting, oedema management and compression gloves
  • Psychosocial wellbeing:  Talking to a professional, timing of therapy, past experiences and practical adjustments
  • Scar Management:  Massage, moisturiser, pressure therapy and contact media
  • Wound management:  Skin grafts, biobrane and donor site management


For clarification of information, or to speak with a burns clinician, please contact:

e:  Attention: Allied health/nursing, VABS

Co-project managers and producers:

Louise Higgins – Burns Development Nurse

Jacqueline Salway – Allied Health Team Lead

The Alfred Hospital gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support and contribution of Skilled Medical in funding this project.  For more information on Skilled Medical, please visit
Supported by:

Ambulance Victoria The Alfred Victorian Adult Burn Services at The Alfred The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne