The Road to Recovery: post acute management of burn injury


Community supports and treatment are vital for successful outcomes in a burn injury where recovery can be a long journey. Burn injuries are uncommon, and clinicians in community contexts, including regional and remote settings, are not expected to be familiar with burn care management.

This online resource has been collaboratively developed by the Victorian Adult Burn Service (VABS) in conjunction with key stakeholder groups to provide practical advice, guidance and visual demonstration of common, evidence-based practice burn-injury care, including videos and fact sheets.

Tribute to Trevor Parker

Trevor Parker, a respected and valued member of his local community, passed away in March 2016 after sustaining a burn injury from an accident on his property in Chiltern. In his memory, and to support the VABS, Trevor’s wife, Bernadette, brother, Ken, and the extended family have worked tirelessly to raise funds for the Burns Service, and promote safety messages throughout the region.

The Parker family’s generous donations enabled the development of this on-line educational resource that supports regional clinicians to continue with ongoing treatment and care of people with burn injuries, who have been discharged from the VABS.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Parker Family, and dedicate this resource to Trevor and his family.

Trevor (credit: Border Mail)

We also wish to extend our thanks to our patients, for allowing us to tell their story.

The Alfred Hospital gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support and contribution of Skilled Medical in funding this project.  For more information on Skilled Medical, please visit
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