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The Victorian Adult Burn Service at The Alfred and the Royal Children’s Hospital Burn Unit accept referrals for outpatient management of burn injuries that do not require admission to hospital, we also accept referrals for burn scar management. 

Victorian Adult Burn Service
  1. Fax:
  • The GP/referring clinician should complete the Alfred Outpatient Referral Form
  • Fax to the completed form to Alfred Hospital Burn Outpatients Department: Fax Number: 9076 6938
  • The patient will receive details of the Outpatient appointment via letter or phone.
  • The multidisciplinary Burns Outpatient Clinic runs on Monday mornings and the Burn Liaison Nurse Clinic runs on Thursdays afternoons.
  • Following the appointment, a letter will be sent to the referring physician outlining management advice.
  1. Urgent Outpatient referral:
    • The Victorian Adult Burn Service has a limited capacity to review patients outside of scheduled Outpatient clinics
    • If the outpatient referral is urgent, the referring clinician – GP, ED staff, etc – should contact the Burn Liaison Nurse
    • The patient will be triaged to the appropriate outpatient clinic.
    • Burn Liaison Nurse Service is available 7 days per week.

                    Burn Liaison Nurse:

                    Phone: (03) 9076 2000 (Ask Reception to page)

                    Email: bln@alfred.org.au


Royal Children’s Hospital Burns Outpatients Clinic
  1. Burns Outpatient Clinic
    • All Royal Children’s Hospital Burn Outpatient referrals should be made via the Outpatient Clinic:

                   Royal Children’s Hospital Burn Outpatient

                   Phone: (03) 9345 6180 (Mon-Fri)

                   Fax: (03) 9345 5034

The Alfred Hospital gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support and contribution of Skilled Medical in funding this project.  For more information on Skilled Medical, please visit www.skilledmedical.com
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