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A burn injury involving >20% Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) is considered a major trauma within the Victorian State Trauma System (VSTS). For patients who meet the major trauma criteria, early consultation with Adult Retrieval Victoria and the relevant Major Trauma Service (MTS) should occur as soon as possible.





Patients with >20% Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) burns should be transferred to the nearest highest level trauma service within 30 minutes
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Early retrieval activation provides access to early severe burn management advice, and ensures a timely retrieval response, which both improve patient outcomes.

The Victorian StateTrauma System provides a statewide system of major trauma response, ensuring major trauma patients receive definitive care at a major trauma hospital in the shortest time frame possible, and has been associated with a significant reduction in mortality and morbidity from major trauma since its implementation in 2000 (3).

Visit the Trauma Victoria website for major trauma guidelines, resources, VSTS information.

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