I - IDENTITYYourself, designation, Location
Confirm person receiving information (name, designation, location)
Patient identifying Information (name, DOB, hospital ID)
S - SITUATIONBriefly describe what happened.
List of known injuries/problems
B - BACKGROUNDBackground of injury: How/ What/ Where/ When
The "E" of AMPLE
Background of patient: The "AMPL" of AMPLE, as well as psychosocial concerns
A - ASSESSMENTPrimary & Secondary Survey summary
Summary of burn - depth & %TBSA
Vital Signs: HR, BP, RR, O2 Sats, urine output
Best place for care & transfer procedure
Treatment advice: airway management, fluid resuscitation, analgesia, wound care.
Prepare for transfer

Used with permission from the ANZBA Education Committee (4)

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